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The LinkedIn Ads Newsletter, 2022

The LinkedIn Ads Show: Advertising in a World without Cookies

AJ Wilcox makes a lot of good points in this recording, but there’s one in particular that I believe warrants further exploration. He says:

“I can’t overstate the importance of making sure that your form data is all flowing into your CRM because really, who cares about what the conversions number is inside the ad platform if you have an actual record in your CRM with a name and an email? That’s the only way as far as I’m concerned to make sure that you have a 100% accurate way of tracking conversions.”

Key Insight: I agree with AJ, but the missing piece is that to accurately track conversions, you need to know precisely who you’re targeting. And to do that, you need a high-confidence TAM. 

We know that retargeting website visitors using cookies on LinkedIn—and, indeed, anywhere else—will become impossible in the near future. But I believe it’s likely that retargeting will continue, thanks to technology like browser fingerprinting and the server-to-server exchange of identifiers. 

If this occurs, you’ll still be able to run Google Ads and Facebook Ads to your best-fit audience members—but you’ll have to have identified and engaged them elsewhere first.

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