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Virtual Round Table Invitation

The Future of B2B Digital Marketing: will spend keep up its relentless climb?

Cookiepocalypse and Recession

January, 18th
12:30 P.M

For the last four years, the increase in B2B digital marketing spend has mirrored the growth in B2C digital marketing spend at the start of the boom that would ultimately change the world, and create the most influential companies in the world today: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Will spend in B2B digital marketing continue along the same trend? If so it would reach $42Bn in the US alone by 2030, creating a massive new industry in the process. Thousands of new jobs and lucrative skills, many new technologies, new trade patterns, perhaps the 2030s’ biggest companies in the world?


Join us to explore:


  • Will B2B Marketing spend continue to follow the pattern of B2C Marketing?
  • Will economic recession blow it off course?
  • How will the move away from 3rd party cookies change the landscape?
  • How can you thrive in this changing world



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I would be honoured if you joined us!



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