Growth Intelligence for Sales Teams

Close more deals

Prioritize your outreach to the right accounts, segment them by value and generate revenue more efficiently with rich account-based insights.

Create more meaningful conversations

Buyers are tired of generic sales pitches and it’s hurting your
conversion rates. Give your team the personalized talking points
they need to make conversations more relevant.

Target more effectively while staying compliant

Up to 99% of sales activity is targeted at businesses that never buy and it’s demoralizing. Help your teams prioritize their efforts to businesses that have the highest probability to buy from you and close more business without increasing your headcount.


Ensure that you always stay compliant with privacy laws by never approaching businesses that do not wish to be contacted.

Reach your ideal

Increase the size of your prospecting universe by discovering companies neglected by traditional segmentation models and assumptions about ideal customer profiles.

Segment sales activity by spend

Ensure that leads are routed to the right teams based on their spend, not by arbitrary criteria like employee numbers or revenue. This greatly improves customer experience and reduces account-to-rep misalignment.

“Growth Intelligence is like a secret weapon. It gives us an edge to target companies in a way that we weren’t able before.”

Harry Mole, Director of Marketing

“Growth Intelligence opens up a whole new strategic pathway that wouldn’t have been possible before.”

Peter Millichap, Director of Marketing

“We love calling Growth Intelligence leads. We have been able to increase conversion rates and reduce acquisiton costs.

Ross Dowson, Director of Direct Sales

Hit your target with Growth Intelligence.

Transform the way you go to market.