Digital Audiences

Personalised Ads.

Reach your ideal buyers on social media channels with laser-targeted audiences and messaging that resonates.

Ad platforms weren’t made for audience selection

Digital marketing is moving away from ‘spray and pray’ to more targeted efforts. But it’s impossible to achieve with audience selection tools found in ad platforms. Audience filters like revenue or employee numbers are ineffective at identifying ideal buyer audiences, which leads to low engagement and poor lead quality.

Meet your new audience

Boost lead quality and engagement through cross-platform micro-audiences of your ideal buyers that can be activated on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.



Create precise audiences using rich intelligence for up to 4x better lead quality.

Personalised messaging

Creating campaign messaging that truly resonates has never been easier with top audience insights that drive content creation.

Smart bidding

Bid more for leads that are going to generate more revenue by knowing their future spend.

What can you do with
Digital Audiences?

Target audiences on
digital channels

Break out the walled gardens of ad platforms with audiences you can activate on any channels with cross-platform business identity matching.

Make every
engagement special

Run digital campaigns that resonate not alienate, using unique buyer insights to guide messaging creation.

Increase lead quality
and lower costs

Improve lead conversion rate by up to 4x whilst also lowering acquisition costs.

Reach hard-to-activate audiences

Target B2B buyers in the privacy-first world without the need for cookies and intent data.

Let the AI create your audience
Benefit from bespoke AI-curated audience segments or use pre-built segments for a quick start.
Upload it to ad platforms
Pull your new audiences into any major B2B ad platforms for immediate activation.
Run your campaigns
Execute digital campaigns and celebrate your success.

“Growth Intelligence is like a secret weapon. It gives us an edge to target companies in a way that we weren’t able before.”

Harry Mole, Director of Marketing

“Growth Intelligence opens up a whole new strategic pathway that wouldn’t have been possible before.”

Peter Millichap, Director of Marketing

“We love calling Growth Intelligence leads. We have been able to increase conversion rates and reduce acquisiton costs.

Ross Dowson, Director of Direct Sales

Drive better digital ad engagement.

Transform the way you go to market.