Inbound marketing is an area of B2B marketing that technology vendors have been pushing relentlessly over the past few years in an aim to win the budgets of the CMO.

But just because prospects can now search the internet for answers without contacting a sales rep (with research from various places showing that most of the buying journey happens before sales contact), this doesn’t mean that outbound marketing no longer has its place.

DM campaigns back in the day
The personalisation of outbound marketing can be extremely effective…

If you’re marketing a solution work £1,000 or more per year and you know the types of company you want to sell to, then approaching them directly through outbound marketing can be highly effective.

Of course, when you get prospects to your website, they need something to keep them there, so having some content for them to see is always essential. But here are seven reasons that might compel you to choose outbound over inbound.

1. Inbound marketing can be expensive

Creating content to power inbound marketing isn’t cheap. Day-rates for good journalists and content writers can run into hundreds of pounds. Add to that the cost of promoting this content through search engine optimisation and social media marketing and you can see how the bill can stack up.

2. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come

There isn’t a perfectly ‘fair’ market for attention on the web. If your product or service has strong competition online, there’s a chance that your message might not rise above the noise.

3. It can take a long time to see results for inbound marketing

Although inbound marketing can pay dividends, it can take months for the fruits of your labour to generate decent search rankings and traffic. If you have results that you need to get this quarter/month/week, inbound marketing might not generate the leads you require as quickly as you need them – particularly if your prospects take a long time to make their purchasing decisions.

4. The wrong prospects might come to your site

Your inbound marketing might attract a lot of traffic, but is it the right traffic? If your visitors aren’t the right ones, your sales pipeline will be clogged up with poor prospects rather than hot leads.


5. Outbound marketing allows you to choose your prospects

When sending direct mail, making calls or even using targeted advertising, you have much more control over your messaging than with inbound.

6. Outbound marketing allows you to tailor the message to your contact

Some of the best examples of outbound marketing have a level of personalisation which gains the interest of the buyer. For those in high-value considered sales, this can be very powerful.

7. Outbound marketing can generate quick results

Whereas you may have to wait for inbound marketing to have an impact on your company, outbound marketing can provide you with feedback more quickly, enabling you to change tactics as required to generate the maximum amount of business.