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Virtual Round Table Event

Tomorrow's B2B Ads Today

Unleash the Power of Creativity

Feb 22nd, 12:30 P.M (Zoom)/Max 6 Participants

Traditionally, B2B marketing has been focused on explaining the product and user journey, leaving creativity and fun marketing for B2C brands.

Some marketers believe that B2B companies should invest more in creativity others prefer the traditional approach.  Should we measure metrics beyond ROI? 

To better connect with your audience, we will explore ways of integrating content with the Internet culture, enhancing design and personalization. For example, the fintech industry has incorporated influencers into its strategy, making it more relevant and fun. 

Join us for a virtual round table event to discuss which skills B2B marketers need to develop that B2C marketers have developed over 20 years. 

These virtual round tables bring the community together so these people can share ideas and best practices. 

I would be honoured if you joined us! 


Tom, CEO-Founder


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