Trading AI

Get a ‘Live’ view
of every business

Trading AI by Growth Intelligence lets you see the live trading status of every business — direct from the source.

Protect your brand reputation by targeting businesses that are operational.

Avoid onboarding high risk customers.

Create brand fans by targeting businesses that need you.

Sell with confidence

The pandemic has affected every business. Some businesses have stopped, some have paused and some continue to trade. Attempting to sell to businesses that are closed is a waste of time.


CRM data that was useful yesterday is now obsolete. To sell and market with confidence, you need clear sight of who is trading and who isn’t.


Growth Intelligence gathers millions of data points directly from company websites and social feeds to identify the business trading status. It means you can go to market with certainty by eliminating sales and marketing approaches that could damage your brand and waste resources.

Stop relying on
traditional data

Most data providers will give you risk indicators like the likelihood to pay a bill or continue to operate. But it doesn’t give you real-time visibility into whether the business is trading.


That’s because these models are trained using  financial data, including company liquidation notices which are often 12 months old. The models are not designed to reflect ‘shock’ events like covid or temporary business closures.

See the live trading
status of every business.

Companies use their web and social platforms to communicate changes in their business– as they happen. Growth Intelligence listens for insights that signal trading statuses from all over the web.


From tweets to trading notices on websites, to changes in business models. Trading AI accurately predicts who is trading so that you can drive revenue whilst protecting your brand.

“Growth Intelligence is like a secret weapon. It gives us an edge to target companies in a way that we weren’t able before.”

Harry Mole, Director of Marketing

“Growth Intelligence opens up a whole new strategic pathway that wouldn’t have been possible before.”

Peter Millichap, Director of Marketing

“We love calling Growth Intelligence leads. We have been able to increase conversion rates and reduce acquisiton costs.

Ross Dowson, Director of Direct Sales

See the live trading status of every business today.

Transform the way you go to market.

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