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Fit AI

Discover your ideal
buyers today

Fit AI lets you identify every company that’s a good fit for your product or service. Segment your market by their likelihood to buy – from high to low – and see your conversion rates increase by up to 5x.

Deep insights.

Benefit from over 1000 unique insights that you cannot get anywhere else. Paired with AI-technology and your CRM data, we give you the most accurate view of your prospect universe – prioritised by likelihood to buy.


Our insights universe is always growing which means that the depth of your buyer profiles is increasing over time, allowing for limitless segmentation and personalization opportunities. 

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The proof is in the results

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer experiences that drive measurable results and delight B2B buyers. Discover how American Express pushes the boundaries personalisation in B2B marketing whilst reducing CAC by 6x and increasing revenue generated per campaign by 2.2x.

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Discover your ideal buyers.

Transform the way you go to market.