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Gain a multiplier on your sales and marketing performance by targeting the right companies, through the right channels, with the right message. At scale.

Join hundreds of sales and marketing teams already using Growth Intelligence:

A suite of AIs to help you
succeed with personalization.

From identifying your ideal buyers to knowing their potential spend – Growth Intelligence
empowers personalization at scale.

F Fit AI ®

Identify ideal buyers

Identify every company that’s a good fit for your product or service. Segment them by their likelihood to buy – from high to low – and see your conversion rates increase by up to 5x.

V Value AI ®

Select the right channels and boost
your deal size

Know the lifetime value of every potential customer before you spend even one marketing dollar to acquire them. Select the most optimal sales and marketing channels based on predicted spend to maximize return on investment and boost your deal size.

P Persona AI ®

Create messaging that converts

Personalization is not a nice-to-have – it is expected by B2B buyers. Create personalized buyer experiences that delight your customers by using bespoke typologies derived from your best customers and billions of external data points. Unleash your creativity and see customer engagement grow.

T Trading AI ®

Market with confidence

Ensure that your marketing activity doesn’t fall flat by eliminating sales and marketing approaches that could damage your brand reputation and waste resources. Trading AI analyses millions of data points related to business trading activity to provide insight on which businesses are trading and which aren’t.

D Data Management

Prospect journey management

Managing your campaign data can be a very complex and labor-intensive process. Especially, if you run omnichannel sales and marketing campaigns. We use a proven and data-driven approach to managing your data to help you comply with regulations, suppress, recycle and enrich your data to maximize the penetration of all your audiencesegments.

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