Prospect Journey

Improve the execution of your marketing campaigns with better data and campaign management.

Make your data work for you, not the other
way around.

Managing your campaigns can feel like a burden. And it’s probably the least enjoyable part of your job. Staying compliant, managing your suppressions, recycling and enriching your data is all part of good data hygiene practices and it’s essential to running your marketing campaigns smoothly. But it’s often hard to stay on top of it all.

Growth Intelligence lets you focus on what you enjoy most – creating amazing marketing experiences – without having to worry about what happens behind the scenes of your campaigns. We use a proven and data-driven approach to managing your data to ensure that you get the most out of Growth Intelligence.

Enrich and target
your accounts

Growth Intelligence gives you all the data you need to activate your accounts anywhere along with GDPR-compliant contact data and top buyer insights.

Stay compliant

Every business has a set of rules that govern who it can and cannot market. “Do Not Call” lists, GDPR opt-outs, telephone preference service (CTPS and TPS) opt-outs are just some of the compliance landmines that can damage your reputation. Get peace of mind that your campaigns are always compliant. 

Easily manage

Your clients, opportunities, and other prospecting data can be automatically suppressed to ensure your sales and marketing teams are always aligned.

Lead routing and

Target your buyers at optimal frequency using industry best practices to maximize the penetration of every account. Growth Intelligence also lets you build a more sophisticated set of rules around data management like time and outcome-based lead allocation depending on where the lead is in its lifecycle.

Advanced campaign

See how your data performs week by week with your own custom campaign dashboard. Keep on top of your campaigns with campaign visualizations without having to spend hours analyzing your performance.

“Growth Intelligence is like a secret weapon. It gives us an edge to target companies in a way that we weren’t able before.”

Harry Mole, Director of Marketing

“Growth Intelligence opens up a whole new strategic pathway that wouldn’t have been possible before.”

Peter Millichap, Director of Marketing

“We love calling Growth Intelligence leads. We have been able to increase conversion rates and reduce acquisiton costs.

Ross Dowson, Director of Direct Sales

Create the most optimal buyer journeys
for every prospect.

Transform the way you go to market.