Before joining Growth Intelligence as their Product Manager, I did some research in the MarTech field and on the product. On arrival, I had two clear goals for my early days in the company.

Goal 1 – Marvel at the view from our 42nd-floor office

This one was reasonably easy to achieve.

London1 London2

Goal 2 – Get to know our customers

While Growth Intelligence values every client relationship, we didn’t fully understand how the product was being used once it left the nest. This isn’t uncommon in both new and mature products; you build something for purpose A and then realise that it’s being regularly shoe-horned into purpose B.

So I ventured out into the world and began to interview our lovely customers. This took the form of calls in which I focused on a particular area of interest, or onsite discussions where I would walk people through a day in their life, or just ask them to describe our product to me.

This side of product management is endlessly fascinating to me. Everybody’s different, even if they do the same job as each other, so you get to uncover different approaches to the same endeavour. When a company onboards a product and starts to use it and cross-train internally, each person understands the usage and purpose a little differently.


So who are the day-to-day users of our system?

Well, here are a couple of representative ones.


Martin the Marketer

Martin wants to deliver a set of quality leads to the sales team. He doesn’t want to listen to complaints about missing contact information or bad data, he just wants to make sure that the companies he provides have a product/service need that the sales team can offer to satisfy.

This is why he uses a system like Growth Intelligence, where records are bucketed according to their probability to convert.

Martin uses our user interface to create a campaign that he exports as a .csv or into Salesforce. Periodically, he gets a list of positive and negative responses to the list and sends it back to Growth Intelligence so that the predictive model producing the list of companies can be improved and conversion rates can be optimised.


Bevin the Business Development Manager

Bevin has a call coming up with a warm lead. He takes pride in tailoring each call so that it’s relevant and doesn’t waste the prospect’s time. He also wants to give himself the best chance of success. He uses Growth Intelligence to look up the company and check up on recent news or events like recent import/export activity. He can use details like acquisitions and shareholders to make his call more engaging.

Usually Bevin calls leads provided by the telemarketing team, but sometimes he generates leads himself. He can also use Growth Intelligence to search for particular types of companies or events within the recommended record list and look for his next call.


What’s next?

We’ve just released a refresh of the user interface and we’re currently testing and gathering feedback as we continue to iterate on data quality under the hood.

You can see the before and after below. It’s already been described by an early beta tester as “slick”.

And this is only the first of many steps. We’ll continue to improve as we learn more about what our customers want, need, and how they actually interact with the product. This is an exciting time to be working here and I’m looking forward to being at the front of this particular rollercoaster, arms in the air.