As well as releasing our usual and regular mainstream hits, such as keeping our customers happy by sourcing their best prospects, we’ve also collaborated on several releases by some major artists.
Measuring the UK's Digital Economy With Big Data

Album title: Measuring the UK’s Digital Economy With Big Data
Artist: Google, feat. NIESR
Single: Switching from SIC codes to Growth Intelligence data locates an extra 103,000 digital companies


Tech Nation 2016

Album title: Tech Nation 2016
Artist: Tech City, feat. Nesta
Single: A side: There are 58,000 active digital tech businesses in the UK;
B side: 45% of of marketing, PR and design companies are now digital tech businesses


While there’s no doubt our contributions to both of these projects went in a different direction from our usual material, there are some core similarities that we wanted to outline. To do that we headed back into the studio and produce something using our core, original messages. Here’s what we came up with.

New ebook: You Had Me At Hello

There are strong parallels between helping Google measure the digital economy, helping the government understand the tech sector and how our product helps our customers source the very best prospects. For all three, the problem is the same: the lack of accurate, up-to-date and detailed information about the companies operating in an economy. And for all three, our mission was and still is to solve that problem by collecting and analysing all the data published online by and about every business in the UK to create an accurate and up-to-date picture of what they do and which products and services they’re in-market to buy.

New ebook title: You Had Me At “Hello”
Artist: Growth Intelligence
Single: How to make smarter calls and scale your market with confidence