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Growth Intelligence for Marketing Teams

Radical personalisation.
At scale.

Unleash your creativity with the most advanced AI-platform designed for the modern-day marketer. Understand, target, and engage your ideal customers – digitally and offline. See your conversion rates increase and your revenue grow.

1. Understand

Go beyond ideal buyer profiles

Gain unmatched insights into your customer base beyond the traditional buyer profiles. The reasons why businesses buy from one another are not well explained by standard company attributes. Benefit from 1000+ proprietary insights on millions of businesses to better understand your market and all its micro-segments and their value to you. And understand why some companies respond to particular types of messaging better than others.

Expand your potential customer base

Your market is often 20-30% bigger than you think. Traditional propensity models and data limit your reach. AI-models use much deeper insights giving you a more granular understanding of your ideal customers. This helps you discover new pockets of opportunity you didn’t know existed. And your universe often expands even further as the AI continues to learn from your campaign results.

2. Target

Identify and prioritize companies that are likely to buy

Growth Intelligence uses AI to prioritize and target every business by their likelihood to buy from you so you can focus your marketing efforts on where it counts the most – your future customers.

AI-driven channel selection

Select the best marketing channel for any prospect based on predicted lifetime value and increase the return on your marketing spend.

3. Engage

Create messaging your customers will love

Creating messaging that resonates with your buyers is an art and usually involves lots of trial and error. Remove the guesswork by accessing rich buyer insights to create messaging that resonates.

Engage your customers on the most optimal marketing channels

Launch omni-channel campaigns that engage your ideal customer audiences across the most optimal marketing channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Facebook as well as Inside Sales and Direct Mail.

Growth Intelligence is like a secret weapon. It gives us an edge to target companies in a way that we weren’t able before.
Harry Mole
Marketing Director, American Express


Integrate Growth Intelligence in your existing workflows with ease. 

We work in all major B2B sales and marketing platforms. 

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