Marketing automation platforms can be highly effective if used correctly. Here are four easy ways to make sure you’re doing just that.

Thai fisherman captures the right information

Make sure you’re capturing the right information on forms

Websites running marketing automation tools will typically have some kind of lead capture form on their site. The more advanced operations will have some kind of progressive profiling in place to collect richer information as the prospect engages with the site.

Make sure that this information helps you to qualify these prospects.

Try including:

  • How much revenue does their company have?
    This will help you to qualify-in prospects based on whether or not they can afford your solution
  • What is their role?
    This will help you to decide if they have authority or influence over the buying decision
  • Do they have a particular need or pain point?
    Knowing this will help you position your product as the best solution

Augment your marketing automation database with other sources of data

There are thousands of sources of information online which can help you to qualify and assess your prospects. If you can plug these sources of data into your marketing automation system this will help you produce better results.

Sources of data include:

  • Companies House data
    Although 18 months old on average, it provides insights into revenue rate of growth
  • Postcode data
    Knowing the location of your prospect is crucial for direct mail campaigns. It can also assist in online targeting
  • Social data
    Knowing what your prospects are talking about can provide background information for sales teams to help them close

Make sure you score their behaviour appropriately

One powerful feature for marketing automation systems is their ability to score prospects based on the behaviour they display on your site. Although some marketing automation systems come with lead scoring out of the box, each company website will contain differing sources of information to help in the purchase journey.

For best results, you should tailor any lead scoring to the product or service you sell and the content that you have on your site.

Use a Customer Data Platform to add and improve leads in your marketing automation database

CDPs can help enormously when it comes to finding out who your next customer will be. By getting your CDP and marketing automation system to work together, you’ll be able to increase the strength of your pipeline and ultimately win more business.