Virtual Round Table Event

Financial Industry
B2B Marketing

Challenges during a recession?

Jan 11th, 12:30 P.M (Zoom)

B2B marketers in the finance industry are well aware of the challenges their customers face during a recession. But how to turn these pains into action? 

Providing advice and guidance from the start of the buying cycle on managing interest and exchange rates appears to work far better than harvesting contact details for cold-calling. But how can we make that softer strategy deliver fast results? 

Solving these challenges alone is hard. Come along to learn the problems others are struggling with, and the issues they’ve already solved. 

This virtual round table will include 5 – 6 senior financial services marketers who are in your shoes. 

Take away actionable tactics to make your targets in 2023 easier to hit.


Tom CEO-Founder

Transform the way you go to market.