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B2B Customer Acquisition: The Role of Human Engagement in a World of Digital-First Marketing

What is this research about?

According to a press release from Gartner in May 2021, B2B sales organisations must deliver a human-assisted buying experience to customers in order to succeed in today’s digital-first environment.

Whilst digital B2B marketing spend is growing at 25%, Gartner found 64% of surveyed customers cannot tell the difference between one B2B brand’s digital experience and another’s. 

So in a world of ever increasing digital dominance, can buyer engagement with human sales reps be a point of competitive differentiation to drive higher revenue growth?

Gartner says B2B sales reps must now embrace new tools and channels as well as new ways of engaging to match their customers’ ways of learning about and buying products. 

As digital transformation accelerates, this Market View publication will feature the thoughts and views of enterprise CMOs and marketing leaders on the evolving role of human engagement in B2B customer acquisition. 


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