Virtual Round Table Event

But Make it

Jan 5th, 11:30 A.M (Zoom)

We know human engagements can be valuable in sales—especially if they’re timed to points at which vendors have an asymmetrical information advantage over buyers. 


But anything involving humans is expensive and difficult to scale. How can companies combine human and digital touch points at scale, without losing critical human connections? 


Join us to explore: 


– What it means to be ‘human’ in a sales interaction (hint: it may not require active engagement). 

– The potential multisensory marketing experiences have in driving buyer engagement. 

– How companies can find the right balance between human and digital touchpoints in their campaigns. 

Solving these challenges alone is hard. Come along to learn the problems others are struggling with, and the issues they’ve already solved. 


This virtual round table will include 5 – 6 senior B2B marketers who are in your shoes. 


Take away actionable tactics to make your targets in 2023 easier to hit. I would be honoured if you joined us!


Tom CEO-Founder

Transform the way you go to market.