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Virtual Round Table Event

How to serve B2B buyers' emotional needs with your marketing

Feb 15th, 12:30 P.M (Zoom)/Max 6 Participants

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In marketing, understanding your customer’s emotional needs and connecting with them through content is key. 

This is a common understanding in consumer marketing, where brands inspire feelings that consumers have about themselves. 

However, this hasn’t been as common in business-to-business marketing until recently. There are now more B2B brands looking to leverage emotions to engage their target audience better and drive action around their product or services. 

One way to do this is by leveraging trending topics in sports, movies, celebrities etc., which can help capture your customer’s attention and create a connection between them and your brand. Another approach is through storytelling; For example, telling an entrepreneur’s story and how your product solved a problem can be a powerful way to connect with other entrepreneurs emotionally. 

At our upcoming event, we’ll discuss how you can use such tactics as part of your marketing strategy to serve your buyer’s emotional needs better and create more successful campaigns. 

These virtual round tables bring the community together so these people can share ideas and best practices. 

I would be honoured if you joined us! 

Tom, CEO-Founder

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