Diagnose and solve LinkedIn Ads challenges

Many LinkedIn advertisers feel they’re missing something: surely leads are supposed to be cheaper? The problem is often a mis-matched audience. This can be hard to diagnose or solve with LinkedIn campaign manager itself. 

Growth Intelligence has developed an automated audience analysis for LinkedIn Advertisers. Log in with LinkedIn and see where your wasted budget is going. The output provides practical steps to improve LinkedIn Ads cost per lead.


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American Express drives more revenue with reduced acquisition costs and increased conversion rates.


Increase in lead conversion rates


Reduction in customer acquisition costs


Increase in revenue

How does Growth Intelligence work?

Our ability to predict the future outcomes from sales and marketing activities comes from the gathering of the world’s richest data on millions of businesses. We turn unstructured pieces of data into useful insights, which are then mapped to your best customers, creating AI prediction models that make go-to-market activities more relevant for buyers and more efficient for sellers.

Transform the way you go to market.