Customer Story

Outgrowing Propensity Modelling with a
Drive to Innovate.


More sales qualified leads


Increase in annual contract value


Uplift in lead-to-deal conversion rate


Founded in 1998, Teletrac Navman is a leading global telematics company
and has provided GPS fleet tracking products and services for over 25 years. To date, the company helps more than 40,000 fleet operators, across 6 continents manage over 550,000 vehicles more efficiently and cost-effectively.

AI Models Used

F Fit AI ®

V Value AI ®


The telematics industry in the UK is mature. What sets Teletrac Navman apart is its inclination towards innovation. Particularly in marketing and in understanding the B2B buying process.

This forward-thinking conviction led to the adoption of propensity modeling when others deemed it too ‘experimental’. But fast forward a few years, and Teletrac Navman had outgrown the limits of this approach, too.


Competing in a highly competitive industry.

It had become increasingly difficult to identify new companies they could approach. They had simply reached the limits of what a propensity model could do – limiting their growth.

"We had driven efficiencies so high, meaningful growth had become all the more elusive."

Peter Millichap, Director of Marketing


Navigating the data to a new source of prospects.

By combining their CRM data with Growth Intelligence insights, Teletrac Navman was able to see patterns in the data that led to buying decisions. 

 Using these patterns, the Fit AI prioritized every business in the economy by their likelihood to buy. Creating a sustainable and predictable stream of high-converting prospects for their inside sales team to approach.


For Teletrac Navman, this meant three important benefits.

Increased visibility

Growth Intelligence was able to uncover parts of the fleet market previously overlook by propensity models.

Sustainable growth

Whilst identifying a larger source of prospects to approach, it also introduced more sustainability. Which meant that they'd never run out of companies to approach.

Intelligent targeting

Teletrac Navman has a clear sight of who to approach, and who not to approach, increasing campaign efficiency.

"The response rates from our campaigns we're unbelievably higher than what we had ever achieved. "


Extraordinary results and in just six months.

38% more qualified leads created,

56% better lead conversions rates, and

220% increase in annual contract value.

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