Predictive marketing. It’s a subject you’ve probably heard a lot about over the last few months – particularly from the team here at Growth Intelligence.

It’s rapidly growing into an industry that’s set to be worth more than five billion dollars by 2018, yet there’s still a great deal of confusion about what predictive marketing actually is.

According to Eli Snyder at Intelligent Demand:

“Predictive marketing is “the application of predictive technology to the entire marketing process, across the entire buyer’s journey, and across every channel of communication”.

Well that’s settled that, then. But what qualifies a technology as predictive?

Right now, all kinds of companies, from data providers to lead scorers , are marketing their solutions as ‘predictive’.  And many of them are, to one degree or another. But there are also the inevitable bandwagon-jumpers – the vendors that are attempting to shoehorn their products into a category just because it’s currently perceived to be ‘hot’.

The resulting bewilderment is causing many CMOs to bury their heads in the sand until the market settles down (Chief Marketing Ostriches?) After all, it won’t be long before the myriad choices are whittled down, swallowed up and repackaged as add-ons to the more familiar marketing automation or CRM platforms (keep an eye on Salesforce’s forthcoming Dreamforce conference).

But predictive marketing is a powerful tool that can generate a fantastic return on investment for marketers today –  and the risk of embracing the technology is far less than the risk of being left behind.

The Buyers Guide to Predictive Marketing Software is Growth Intelligence’s attempt to clear up the confusion.

This free ebook will:
• Demystify predictive marketing terminology
• Provide definitions and use cases for specific types of application
• Help you decide which predictive marketing solution is right for your business

Even if you’re not planning to implement a predictive marketing solution right now, it will pay you handsomely to be up on the tech and ahead of the pack.

A Buyers Guide to Predictive Marketing Software