ABM.Report, 2022

The ABM Report: Transform Your Business Into a Sales Machine with Buyer Intent Data

In this article, contributor Apurva Pathak describes B2B buyer intent data as being especially useful “when a prospect matching your ICP is actively considering buying your product”. 

Key Insight: Pathak’s assertion assumes that companies already have a high-confidence ICP and TAM—most don’t. If you haven’t already passed what I like to call the ‘Tinkerbell Moment’ with your ICP and TAM, everything you do—including tracking intent—is going to be wasted.

Here’s what I mean by the ‘Tinkerbell moment’: a focussed set of accounts only becomes a focussed set of accounts when, like Tinkerbell, everyone really believes in it. 

If your sales team doesn’t buy in that you’ve created the best, most complete set of target accounts possible, then they’ll do self-gen elsewhere. If your Google search agency doesn’t believe in the target accounts, they’ll focus elsewhere and your GTM investments become dissipated. Until you have that alignment, even intent data won’t produce any real sales function transformation.

Transform the way you go to market.