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Ascend2, 2022

Ascend2: The State of Multi-Channel Marketing

Ascend2’s data shows that only 23% of respondents describe their multi-channel marketing strategy as ‘very successful’.

Key Insight: I’m not surprised by this result. Attribution is bloody hard to do, but the way most marketing teams run their campaigns doesn’t help. 

If each channel is defining audiences independently and can’t tell you which accounts it attempted to engage, it’s less multi-channel marketing and more a multi-barrelled shotgun approach. 

If you don’t know that the accounts targeted on one channel are the same ones targeted in another, you essentially have a load of independent channels that need to be assessed on their own merits, rather than for their impact on the engagement and intent of a defined set of target accounts. 

Effectively, you miss out on the halo effect of each channel on every other channel, and you have to heavily discount the contribution of any channel that does create last-touch-attributable leads.

Transform the way you go to market.