About Us

We create better experiences
for buyers and sellers.

What is Growth Intelligence?

We help companies grow faster by predicting which businesses are going to buy and how valuable they are going to be – better than anyone else. This makes B2B buying experiences more efficient for both the buyers and the sellers.

Our Mission

Growth Intelligence’s mission is to save millions of businesses from having their time wasted with generic sales and marketing approaches.

Every day the average B2B buyer sees over 600 ads of which 99% fail to get engagement. And the same is true for other forms of sales and marketing.


We built Growth Intelligence to create a world where buyers and sellers operate in perfect harmony. A world where B2B buyers receive only relevant approaches and where B2B sellers can finally unleash their creativity by creating buyer-first experiences without wasting a single marketer dollar.

How does Growth Intelligence work?

Our ability to predict the future outcomes from sales and marketing activities comes from the gathering of the world’s richest data on millions of businesses. We turn unstructured pieces of data into useful insights, which are then mapped to your best customers, creating AI prediction models that make go-to-market activities more relevant for buyers and more efficient for sellers.

Our story

Tom Gatten had been helping large businesses with their marketing for a number of years when IBM approached him with a list of their best customers and asked him to find more companies ‘just like them’. IBM couldn’t use structured data sources to identify these companies, but he was able to find them manually using unstructured data published online.


Tom teamed up with Prash Majmudar to find a way to automate the process. Prash had previously developed a system for the MoD which identified submarines using passive sonar. Together, they found a way to identify B2B marketing prospects based on the ‘sounds’ they were making on the web – using their online signals to predict their future behaviour.

Our Values

We are driven by 5 core values.


We are excellent


We take ownership.


We love to soak up new
knowledge and to learn.


We are mindful of each other.


We love getting our work into our
customers's hands and we exceed expectations.

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