Cabinet reshuffle sees unexpected number of CEOs in new intake.
Cabinet reshuffle sees unexpected number of CEOs in new intake.

Tom met up with 29 other CEOs at 10 Downing Street this morning as part of Upscale UK.

The discussion centred around the government’s relationship with digital tech; specifically, the actions it could take to better facilitate growth in this sector and the problems it could solve.

The answer that received widest agreement was the shortage of data scientists and developers. The government is uniquely placed to put pressure on, if not instruct, universities to run practical courses in data science and coding.

At the moment, sourcing for these roles is time consuming and expensive. At Growth Intelligence we’ve had to hire nearly a third of our staff from overseas. Separately we’re sponsors of the Pivigo-run scheme Science to Data Science, which is a fantastic course that is unsurprisingly very successful. But in an ideal world we wouldn’t have to rely on third-party schemes to plug the gap left by higher education.

The group agreed that schools were already doing a great job of teaching coding, but it stands to reason that support for those disciplines needs to be carried through to degree level.

In short, when the supply of educated graduates meets the demands of the tech economy companies will grow faster, further augmenting the success of UK plc. So it’s in everyone’s interest that the government does all it can to solve this problem.