The State of Telemarketing 2017

Telemarketing, inside sales, business development… Whatever you may call it, outbound calling to generate sales appointments is difficult, time-consuming and often highly inefficient.

But, despite the prevalence of inbound marketing techniques, it’s still a critical part of the go-to-market strategy for a large percentage of businesses. As one GrowthIntel client puts it: “More emphasis is being placed on inbound, but it’s a long game and the business wants quick results – which will always require telemarketing.”

In this live webinar, four telemarketing experts from very different backgrounds discuss the state of telemarketing in 2017 and share their tips for a successful telemarketing strategy.

Topics will include:
• Types of B2B products and services that telemarketing works best for
• Key technologies for telemarketing and how to integrate them
• How to source and segment your data
• Keeping your marketing database clean and up-to-date
• The agent KPIs you really should be tracking
• The best way to structure a bonus plan
• How to retain your best telemarketing agents

There will also be an opportunity to ask your own questions.

The free webinar will take place on Wednesday 8th March at 11am GMT.

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Tom Gatten

Tom Gatten

The Data Expert
Chris Naylor

Chris Naylor

The Campaign Manager
Henry Braithwaite

Henry Braithwaite

The Agency Leader
Tommy Powell

Tommy Powell

The Marketing Head