‘Content is King’ was an oft-repeated marketing mantra a few years ago, and – to a certain extent – it’s still true.

But for content marketing to work, your targets have to
a) know that they need your services and
b) self-identify by consuming your content

The problem is, there are tens of thousands of buyers who fail on one or both counts. They don’t know that they need you, so they don’t search and cannot consume. They are your passive, silent audience, floating outside of your ‘content- sphere’.

You may not even consider them an audience at all at this point. But if you want to grow your business, they are an audience that is vital.

You need to venture over the top of the sales funnel to find those buyers who’ve never even heard of you. But how?

All of the potential buyers outside of your sales funnel are leaving ‘footprints’ online, such as IP addresses, social identifiers, cookies and geographical data. If you reverse-engineer those footprints you can follow the trail back to the owner – and the owner’s company.

With the right marketing toolkit, your can infer whether the company is ‘in-market’ to buy from you.

For example, you can tell whether a particular internet user works for a particular company. If a company’s decision-makers are browsing for the best rate of forex or Tweeting about their wifi being down, and if you do foreign exchange or make decent routers, you should probably try to engage them.

This toolkit exists today. You’re probably already using some elements of it. But combined, these tools offer a powerful way to expand your addressable market and increase your revenues.

To find out which tools you need and how best to deploy them, take a look at our ebook – ‘Marketing Beyond the Sales Funnel’.