The State of Telemarketing 2017

For the people making the calls, telemarketing isn’t always perceived as a long-term career choice.

For some, it’s a stepping stone to a lucrative career in sales. For others, it’s a stop-gap while they gain experience in preparation for a role in their chosen field.

It takes a lot of money and resource to recruit and train new, talented telemarketing agents. So what can businesses do to keep their telemarketers engaged, productive and more likely to stick around.

We’ve teamed up with MarketMakers, the UK’s leading B2B telemarketing agency, to deliver advice on how to keep in-house telemarketing teams focused and happy.

This free ebook provides guidance on:
• Which KPIs to track
• The best way to structure a bonus plan
• How to retain your best agents

For those that prefer to outsource, the ebook also includes a list of questions to ask when selecting a telemarketing firm.

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